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About us

TESOL Colombia is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to enhance professionalism in English Language Teaching Education in the country. It is committed to encourage quality and expertise in research, teaching materials design, and professional development. It also promotes the exchange of ideas and resources, both nationally and internationally, in the framework of mutual respect among all actors, students, teachers, administrators, government and private entities and educational institutions involved in ELT.

TESOL Colombia may undertake the following activities:

    • Serve as a meeting point for all ELT stakeholders.
    • Encourage career development in the English Language Teaching (ELT) field.
    • Promote high quality academic standards in ELT.
    • Organize the annual or biannual TESOL Colombia Conference.
    • Organize workshops for English teachers and/or ELT directors.
    • Provide counseling on ELT issues.
    • Publish online and/or physical publications on ELT issues.
    • Promote research.
    • Promote academic dialogue.
    • Organize & conduct national and international academic networks.
    • Develop all other activities related to English Language Teaching.

Roster Governing Board
TESOL Colombia 2023 - 2025

Responsive Our Team Section


Ivonne Gonzalez

Term ends: 30 May 2025

TESOL Membership ID Number: 194928

Liaison Officer - Vice President:

Jermaine S. McDougald

Term ends: 30 May 2025

TESOL Membership ID Number: 203453

Advocacy Representative:

Luz Stella Hernandez Ortiz

Term ends: 30 May 2025

TESOL Membership ID Number:


Diana Carolina Duran

Term ends: 30 May 2025

TESOL Membership ID Number:

New Technologies and Innovation:

Maria Catalina Caro Torres

Term ends: 30 May 2025

TESOL Membership ID Number:

Advisory Council
The council is made up of six members. They are key members of TESOL Colombia who
share the ideals and aims of the association, advise the Executive Board on issues related to
policy, conferences, professional development endeavors, and research, and support the Board
in the fulfillment of the mission, vision, and strategic goals of the organization.

Advisory Council
Claudia Acero
Diana Gomez
Diana Duran
Maria Catalina Caro
Angelica Ramirez

Membership Committee
Claudia Acero
Jermaine McDougald
Diana Gomez


Claudia Acero

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